Saturday, August 04, 2007

YouTube Karaoke Fun

YouTube Karaoke is a brand new music adventure for the whole family. Just visit our song list, find the video you want, press play, scroll to the lyrics, sing and be merry. Alcohol and an audience are entirely optional, but may add to the humour and fun of the experience. If you like karaoke but aren't too confident about your voice then YouTube Karaoke is the idea site for closet karaoke fans too! We've selected some of the hottest singles from the US, UK and European charts to bring memories flooding back from the Beatles in the 1960s, right up to the hottest music in the charts today. Our collection is expanding day by day. We’ll even take requests if there’s a song you want to appear and sing along to. If you like singing and you like music videos then YouTube Karaoke is the site for you. Why not experience the fun yourself by visiting us?

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