Wednesday, August 22, 2007

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Another one of my projects has launched. Yes, I still have a bit to do like edit the banner and write a TOS page. It is helped ran by my great friend Chris F. We both promote it together and add new ideas to it.

Bypasstheweb is powered by Zelune, version 3. It is a fast proxy software with a lot of customizations to it. You can currently:

Disable Javscript

Disable Images

Strip Title

Strip Meta

After it's first day of launching has received over 600 hits. Probably from DigitalPoint. Got a lot of stumbles there for it. =D

So to describe the template a little. It is a green template with some neat little glassy designs on it. It is a very simple, but very stylish web template.

At first when I was done coding it, I was going to sell it because my PayPal account is running a little low on money these days. But I figured seeing as i has no traffic to it yet, it wouldn't sell so good right after it's completion. I plan to stick with this proxy for a while, don't let the above text misguide you. It's just that if I decide to move on and build a different website, I can sell it for a lot of money.

Now this will bring me to the domain name. BYPASSTHEWEB DOT COM. How is a name like that actually available in the year 2007? I don't know, but that was another factor that made me think about selling the site - how great of a domain name it was. Again, don't let the above text misguide you. Those were just my past thoughts, and I plan to stick with this site 'til the end. It's my new baby, if you will. <3

Right now Chris and I are looking out for any opportunities to earn money for this site. So we decided to provide a great offer: Advertise your site on Bypasstheweb for only $7.50 a month. Sure, right now it may not work out, but later on when our proxy is used more, we should get a few offers (we hope). We only want the money so we can buy an even more reliable server (over our already reliable server), and do side projects to enhance Bypasstheweb.

For now, I hope you enjoy Bypasstheweb. Stay tune for more entries

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