Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Free2Surf Proxy Blog

As we all know, summer vacation is more or less upon us. Schools across the US are getting out, and students have about three months of absolute freedom that they've been anticipating since... Well, the end of last summer. Since they'll be at home, they can surf the internet as they please, without worrying about things like Websense, and therefore they won't need to use Myspace Unblocker sites. But that doesn't mean that these sites serve no purpose during the hot summer months. Those of us that have graduated and work office jobs don't get to take the summer off! Many people work at places where sites like MySpace, Facebook, and even GMail are blocked... These people need proxy sites for anonymous surfing from the workplace - This way they can continue to work, but are not limited to what sites they can and cannot visit. Lucky for them, there is an abundance of these sites on the web that were made specifically for them. A simple Google search will return more anonymous web surfing sites than you could ever need! There are also sites out there that exist solely to provide visitors with fresh new 'unblocker' sites, such as Remember, it's possible to stay productive at work while enjoying yourself - Just don't let your MySpace addiction get out of hand! For more information on proxies and anonymous browsing, check out Free2Surf Proxy Blog.

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