Saturday, May 05, 2007

Blog Network advertising backlinks and traffic

A Pagerank is an important factor in deciding the quality of a site. Google gives pagerank to a site purely based on the number and quality of backlinks available for a site. Backlinks are the links in a site that is pointing to your site. The quality of backlink is that the pagerank of a site that provides a backlink to your site. To make it clear suppose there is ten sites of pagerank 3 providing backlink to your site, it is less worth than a single site of pagerank 6 providing backlink to your site. Therefore pagerank of the site that provides backlink to you is also important. For a site that provide backlinks with good pagerank go to Blog Network advertising backlinks and traffic and have a listing of your blog there. Blog are the crazy trends of current Internet. Blogs are the best way of advertising your site. They are the easiest way to put your thought or ideas or anything spicy into a site. They are also the easy to create websites without any worries on the design and layout of website. Using blog properly and appropriately you can get lot of traffic to your site. There are many sites that list your sites in their sites. This could be a great source for the traffic as well as lot of backlinks which in turn provides you with great pagerank. Not only just listing they do list your site along with short description.

Critic Blog

Off Line Trade Blog

The Humor Jokes Blog

Copy Advertising Blog


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