Saturday, March 31, 2007

Do you like blogging? You get 100% AdSense revenue.

I just created a few blogs and I need to have people take them over.
Right now, I only have a few blogs up, I'm making the rest within the week.

Anyway, what I need is one person per blog to run things.
You find or write stories, articles, facts, etc. about that certain niche and post it on the blog.

You get 100% AdSense revenue. For assurance, I'll implement your AdSense pub on the blog, meaning the blog will run YOUR ads.

Do not change any passwords, html, or anything else on the blog. Just blog!

Email me with your qualifications. These are blogs so I'm looking for grammatically correct people.


The current niches I have are directories and entertainment.

1 comment:

Jerlene said...

I've added marketing online and networking online. The entertainment blog is currently taken but I have a feeling it's not going to last.