Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Handvertising: Advertisers looking at your skin in a new way

So you have seen advertisements from commercials to billboards.
Now advertisers are looking at your skin to place their ads! Look
at how this Orange County based company is getting venues to let
advertisers on their customer’s hands.

This is a new form of advertising and is completely different
from the television commercials and magazine ads people are used
to. What do you call advertising on your hands? "Well I like to
call it Handvertising", said Mike Brown CEO of Handvertising USA.

Handvertising USA is transforming the way advertisers are looking
at your skin, more specifically your hands. "Almost everyone has
been to a county fair, swap meet, bar or club and had had their
hand stamped for proof of entry. We have found a better use for
this space that could make everyone happy" said Mike.
"Advertisers are always looking for a new and exciting way to
promote their brand. Handvertising USA offers a unique way to do
this and everyone benefits" said Mike.

"We find venues also use the stamps to increase business. For
example venues are offering special prices on drinks if the
customer has a particular Handvertising stamp. People are
requesting particular stamps because they want to fit in and they
want the drink special." Mike says.

If you would like to see some samples of what Handvertising USA
is doing visit their website at http://www.HandvertisingUSA.com
for pictures, FAQ’s and more.

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