Sunday, July 29, 2007

Search Engine Optimization Tips

Search engine optimization has become a crucial factor to gain free targeted traffic from search engines. Here you will find very useful tips that will help you get high search engine rankings.

1. Title
Your website title is one of the most important factors in seo. Make it 2-6 Keywords. I prefer 2 or 3. Use the most important keywords that you want to rank high for. Ex: Webmaster Directory or Webmaster Blog or Webmaster Directory & Blog …etc

2. Keywords
Meta keywords are not important anymore but does not harm if you have it. I would say create a list of your targeted keywords and place it in your keywords meta tag.

3. Description
Meta description is still important and read by search engine spiders. I recommand 30 words max. It should include almost all your targeted keywords but also should make sense to human eyes and not just a bunch of stuffed keywords. It does matter if the description you write in your meta description, appear’s in your website content somewhere.

4. Bold Tags
Always have your targeted keywords BOLD if possible. Some argue that tag “B” is better than “strong”, but the difference is not big so you can use the one you prefer.

5. H1 Tags
Using h1 tag with your title is also good, the size would be huge but you can control that with CSS.

6. ALT Text For Images
Its good to add more text to your website. You can place your targeted keywords/phrases in the ALT Tags.

7. Text it self
Also known as content. The more text you have, means the more content you have. The more the text is unique, the more your content is unique. Avoid spelling mistakes by checking/reading your text for a few times. Stay on topic and avoid spelling mistakes as well. Always remember that content is king.

8. Hyperlinks
Use “title” tag when linking. Its like the “ALT” tag for images. If the hyperlink is an affiliate link, use “nofollow” tag. This way your page won’t leak pagerank because of your affiliate links.

9. Backlinks
Get links from sites related to your website and avoid FFA links or spamming guestbooks or blogs as it will get you banned. Do not build your backlinks very fast as it will get you banned, so do it slowly. Always remember that its not about how many backlinks you have, its about how many quality sites are linking to you.

Avoid link exchange at all costs. Try to exchange links only with the top sites related to your market. So it would be exchanging links with no more than 20-50 sites, which is hard for SE robots to find. You can build your website backlinks by submitting to Free Directories so there is no need for link exchange.

10. Page Rank
Pagerank is not important as it seem. Its good to know if the site has been online for a while or not. Its very important for those who buy and sell text links as their main business. Quality backlinks from related websites to your market would get you a high pagerank. Also, links from high pagerank sites (whether related or not) would get you a high pagerank.

11. Dedicated IP Address
Put your website on its own dedicated ip address. Shared hosting means that, there are hundreds of websites hosted on the same ip address, if any of these sites is spam, crack, illegal…etc It will effect your search engine rankings. It does not cost much to have your own dedicated ip address, I pay my host $2/month for each dedicated ip address.

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