Saturday, January 13, 2007

Get Your Website To The Top Of Google And Stay There

Google devised the process of ranking a website by the ammount of other websites linking to it and supposedly therefore being the most popular and useful for those search terms. However the search engines are now moving away from this method of ranking now that every Tom, Dick and Harry is swapping links with one another. It's still a good idea to get as many incoming links as possible but don't bother with recipricol link schemes as its a waste of everyones timeMeta TagsThese are the bits of code that form part of the description of what it is exactly your website does or services you offer or sell. Again, these, in the internets infancy, were all you needed to worry about. Simply type a few suggestive words in your description and keyword meta tags and see your website rise above the filthy competitors. Nowadays a bit more effort needs to be done to keep your website high among the rankings though its still neccesary to use these meta tagsUseful contentThe smart money for the forseeable future among hardened SEO's is to make your website useful. Provide some quality tutorials like this fine specimen or better still offer free downloads or something that people will find indispensible.

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